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Online Training - Helm and Kustomize in Action: Crafting Your App Deployments on Kubernetes


Unlock the power of Kubernetes deployment management with Helm and Kustomize in this hands-on training! Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that allows developers and operators to more easily package, configure, and deploy applications and services onto Kubernetes clusters. Whether you are a seasoned Kubernetes pro or just starting your journey, this training will equip you with the essential skills and practical experience to effectively manage and customize your Kubernetes application deployments. It’s time to take control of your Kubernetes deployments and optimise your workflow!

- October 25 and 26, 2023 - 8h over the two days
- Schedule: 9AM - 1PM each day

Training Highlights:

  1. Understanding Kubernetes Deployments
    - Start with a brief overview of Kubernetes, containerization and the deployment landscape.

  2. Kustomize - Tailoring Deployments to Your Needs
    - Discover Kustomize, the Kubernetes native configuration management tool.
    - Modify Kubernetes manifests without modifying the original YAML files.
    - Develop strategies to manage configurations for different environments (dev, staging, prod).

  3. Helm - The Kubernetes Package Manager
    - Learn the basics of Helm and its role in simplifying application deployments.
    - Explore Helm charts, templates, and package repositories.
    - Create your custom Helm charts to package and version your applications effortlessly.

  4. Best Practices for Helm and Kustomize
    - Dive into best practices and patterns for creating Helm charts and Kustomize overlays.
    - Version control and collaboration with Helm and Kustomize configurations.
    - Handling secrets, config maps, and environment variables effectively.

  5. Hands-On Labs
    - Work through real-world scenarios to deploy, update, and manage applications using Helm and Kustomize.
    - Customise deployments for various use cases and environments.
    - Troubleshoot common deployment issues and errors.

Trainer: Koray Oksay, Consultant / SRE / Trainer at Kubermatic GmbH.

- Basic understanding of Kubernetes, Linux operating system, Command-line tools and Containers
- PC with modern browsers and a fast internet connection

This is an online workshop conducted via Google Meet.

Training Online Ticket:
→ Two-Day Online Training| €299 (+VAT) per seat

Please note: Seats are limited. For more information:

Cancellation Policy:
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